What's your type? Every detail

Uhhhhhh, well my type would have to be some one who can put up with me? Which not a lot can, lol. Has to be nice but also not afraid to speak their mind when needed. Always loved blue eyes, but any other color is fine too… Has to be humorous. HAS TO, because I’m a goofball 90% of the time and if I can laugh at myself and you can’t, then it’s not going to work. In very family oriented so the person has to be able to get along with not only my parents and brothers, but my ENTIRE family. I can’t date someone with a bad attitude because I’ll get annoyed. Stoners are my fav. I smoke and you have to be down to blaze with me. If not, that’s cool too. Gotta like my friends because they are my framily. If I can bring you around my friends then were good. I like to have fun. I like to camp and fish, so open minded or adventurous. All around has to be someone I can be friends with first, then best friends.